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It is good you’re here because you probably not just got here by accident.

Probably you are in need to a transformation that can change your life in several ways.

For example you want to work on the following issues?

*   You’ve lost touch with yourself
*   You experience imbalance between work and private life
*   You worry about finances or doing work that no longer suits you
*   You can hardly say ‘No’ and are always crossing your own boundries
*   You experience problems in your relationships, including your relationship with yourself
*   You find it difficult to communicate properly
*   You have trouble letting go (even kilos of body weight)
*   You have done about everything , but still feel that something is missing.
*   You do not have confidence in yourself and the future

You feel that it is time for a change, NOW

You are looking for ways to change, but always fall back again in your old habits. It does not work if you do not know how or where to look. You become tired, it wears you out. You literally freeze and even get physical complaints. Actually, you do not know what step you must take.

Time for action, taking the first step toward lasting change!

First, I let you know that you are not alone. I have helped many women who are in the same situation as you. The pain you feel, is often deep within. You develop patterns that helped you become more away from your true self and they also were useful not to feel the pain anymore. You lost confidence in yourself, you no longer listen to the internal signals you get.

Patterns often arise from the beliefs you have, they are often subconscious.
These beliefs are often very deep and are formed in childhood. This can be caused by annoying situations you have experienced. They also can (subconsciously) have taken over from the family or they are inherited from family patterns , sometimes this can be lead back for as much as seven generations . Think of repeating thoughts that this may lead to doom thinking , and before you know it you tumble quickly in a negative spiral, and you are living too much in your head.
To break it is important that we find out where these patterns come from, let them emerge and we can go bend this and cleanup.

I believe that you no longer need to feel miserable or experience much pain. Everyone can always change at any time, you always have a choice in everything, if you change yourself the world around you will change too! Thus the change always begins with yourself. I will offer a number of optional features to assist you in your transformation .
I have the experience to help you! |

After a few sessions you yourself can make a huge significant change.

A change you very soon going to experience as normal, you get used to very quickly. examples are:
*   You experience more peace in your mind and as result you will be able to relax better
*   You are more in contact with your body, you will pick up the signals better
*   You will be better in touch with your feelings and even pinpoint them
*   Your creativity comes back, you again will be able to enjoy hobbies or fill up your free time
*   You come into your own power, thus your situations become better!

Testimonial Jolande S (ES)

Despite of all my blessings, with 65 years old I still was in search of something….
By Alexandra’s warm understanding, her knowledge and her professional approach, i found was i was looking for, MYSELF!  Dear Alexandra, you gave me back Joy and enjoyment, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


As a way of thank you Jolande made this beautiful statue for me, her explanation to this art is:
“Beauty is the disentanglement of the problems. An eight i picked for movement , disentangle problems , the hard masculine (square block) to the soft female (8- shape) and heart stands for the work you do out of love and passion “

Testimonial van Candida M
I was looking for and I found Alexandra, facing a very heavy situation i could use some help in the here and now, but we also arrived in the past, and that was for the better because with the heartfelt help from Alexandra i could face the now and walk with confidence into the future.
And now … without fear ;)  I am going to do this alex ♡

Trajectories – We start with an intake interview

Trust, mutual respect and a good click are the key to a targeted cooperation. I work from my heart and can provide care tailor made for your needs and preferences are central to any kind of mentoring and coaching so you feel confident after the interview and immediately can start working with me.

The threshold is often high. Therefore, the interview is free. Every person is different, so the trajectory is also personally tailored. After the first time we arrange how the range will look for you and if you like it we can set a date to start your personal transformation. Contact us, leave your details and I will call you for the first free call.

Often two months are enough to achieve lasting change, it is the number of goals you want to work on that sets the time. It may be less, sometimes more. We set a price for the entire project. I also offer a card with a credit for 5 or 10 sessions. (This can also be combined with healing sessions, and / or time, sometimes 10 minutes can be enough.)


You can also choose the option to work with me on a very personal and intensive level when:
• You know which problem exactly you need to work on
• You like a more personal attention and approach, together we work on your transformation
• You love the joy of treatments in combination with working on your personal problems
• You like to achieve a long term change instead of the quick fix
• You think you are worth it to invest in yourself and your transformation
• You are open to coaching and are willing to work on this actively

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Testimonial M.H.
An amazing day with lots of insights, that was my VIP intensive day with Alexandra.

How exciting and difficult I found it in the morning, the easiness of how Alexandra released me by asking the right questions and working through some exercises. Quickly my tears were flowing, tears of stress but mainly of recognition and relief on what Alexandra was telling me. Relief because Alexandra exactly understood ME, and she could pin point my inner pain, while myself i wasn’t even able to do so, and even more important: She was able to help me release those painful emotions made them less “heavy “ to carry by letting me do some exercises and giving me some insights. During this day i have received so many tips tricks and insights, too much to mention them all. In the end everybody has to follow her or his own journey, that’s why I feel I don’t need to mention all those tips and tricks Myself i was already started on my transformation journey but I felt I was stuck somewhere and with Alexandra’s help she truly helped me back on track and moving again. This day has given me enough to go further on my journey


My practice is home based for online as well the physical trajectories Sometimes in Summer I also work in the Netherlands on the Island Schiermonnikoog But mostly I work from my peaceful home in Spain

It is also possible that you have some days of retreat in my home in Spain, and you will receive a tailor made program me  It is even possible that you choose a combination of VIP intensive + the DANCE IN BALANCE CYCLE.

Testimonial Caroline S.
Surprising, overwhelming, awakening and releasing
After years of self neglect I had a mayor set back this year in may and ever since I was trying to change course for myself. Knowing that my energy levels were very low, this became a huge challenge. In this week by dancing (chakradance) and other energetic healing sessions I reconnected again with my body, especially the session Body as business was for me a true eye opener. Through the dance i really got back in touch with my feelings which is very special and brings me a lot of happiness.
I really felt what “doing “ does with someone it establishes a real connection within
The step towards balance between body mind and Spirit has been made, i have take a new road towards a life in balance. Also the making of the personal mandala drawings were a beautiful eye opener the moment i had to lay them out in order and I had to look at them and feel my feelings i was a bit sceptical, my rational mind couldn’t find any use for it, I finally broke through my resistance and I let them work into my system, the result was surprising, I felt a flow and a deep connection with my whole body. The reiki sessions felt as a warm stream of energy on the places where i had been touched and i experienced that as very relaxing.
Shortly before i came to work with Alexandra I had no connection at all with my chakra’s I did not even know their worth, and now Yes there is a true connection and a significant change, and now I experience a deep connection and Selfworth.
Alexandra Thank you very much!
(VIP Intensive + Chakradance Awakening Cycle in Spain)

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Love & Light
Alexandra Langevel

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