Below are programs, VIP days and retreats

Would you like to experience a transformation in a short time? Do you want to break your vicious circle and get rid of your pain? Especially for you I have a number of programs where we go into depth and tackle the problems from the roots. In my video I tell more about it.
You have long-term results! Click on the pictures for more information!

VIP intensive “In Balance with your authentic Self”

During this VIP Intensive day(s) we work on problems what block you.
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The intestines, that’s where our health begins !

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Program “In Balance with a healthy body”

Program "In balance with your body wight"












A healthy and beautiful body, more energy, no jo-jo effect!
During this program you will lose weight in a responsible way, your metabolism will be balanced and you will gain insight into your eating patterns and the underlying problems.
This results are for long term …

DANCE retreat The Awakening, Journeying en Freedom

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