Aromatherapy, The Healing Power Of Smell Frequencies

This blog I write to give you more information about how and experience on the use of the ‘Healing Frequencies smell.
You will also receive this month , March 2015, free support a healing scent in a coaching session!

I myself have been a number of years positive experiences with the ‘Healing scents “I came into contact with this by my training Poly Energetic Therapy. It started with using the roller ‘ Earth’ to properly ground regarding my High sensitivity. Soon, I was very excited and started other rollers, using essences and sprays for the operation test. I Marianne De Groene Linde made the course to the healing scents to work with because I wanted to take it in my work. When working with clients, I noticed that the combination ‘coaching’ and using the ‘smells’ faster (and sometimes better) resultsI am grounding - aromatherapy

booked. Vaporizing or using the essence that had to do with the problem quickly did their job. During healing the use of essences and sprays made for a good result.
The clients felt more at ease, could express themselves better and had much benefit, see the REVIEWS   of several people.

Pleased I am with the “Chakra-line” mainly because I use a lot and recommend to the Chakra Dance Plus at (chakra) healing and coaching sessions.

Regularly I was in the Netherlands (spiritual) markets and I did demonstrations and sales people at home to acquaint people with these special healing scents, I also promoted my other services. (Like the verkooppartys)

From Netherlands to Spain

I moved to Spain again means building a network, stand up markets to promote myself, healing fragrances and my services.
Sometimes there are negative responses such as:
“An oil healing work, I do not.”
“Yes, yes it’s all between the ears.”
“That’s woolly, not my thing, an essence, spray or oil can not stand pill on. “
” I have so many oil used by certain retailers but did not help, why these scents will be working. “
If I do a little test with the people did to make them experience the healing composition with them did they react suprised.
Especially the test with the ‘Clean energy’ and ‘Lord Sir Germain’the responses were often positive, people felt that everything happened, she reciprocated, went out of their heads and stood firmly with their feet on the ground and also the test “Protection” and “Abundance” was as experienced positive .

I find it very important to inform you more about the Healing Frequencies smell, especially here in Spain so you know where the notes come from!

What is an odor frequency and why does it work?

“As you may know all matter is composed of countless particles vibrate in respect to each other. That vibration, also referred to as frequency, is measured in units of Hertz (Hz.). Your body consists of solid matter but also from an electric field, also called aura. The scientist R. Rife developed a Frequency Generator. He discovered the substances with higher frequency substances changed a lower frequency or destroyed. Later, Bruce Tainio has developed equipment that can measure Bio-frequencies. Now the frequency of people and food could be observed. “

For example, the following products were measured:
– Canned and processed foods 0 Hz
– 15 Hz Fresh products
– Dried herbs 12-22 Hz
– Fresh herbs 20-27 Hz
“Essential oils started at 52 Hz to 320 Hz and went!
This discovery and further research has shown that essential oils on the physical level a positive effect found.
Then the scientists to focus on the energy of the human field. Again showed that essential oils have a positive effect.
It appeared that patients in a hospital felt better emotionally after evaporation of an essential oil. Even after minimal exposure and inhalation of oil showed that these patients were less anxious and more calm than patients who were not exposed to essential oils. Thus one could assume that essential oils also on an emotional level effective changes could accomplish. The latter has been in Laurens hospital in Rotterdam experienced. They use special scent frequencies Green Linde. “

There have been several tests ‘intention’ to prove and they succeeded. Positive thoughts and prayers have consciously or unconsciously a profound impact on the frequency of your energetic body, but as it turned out, also on essential oils. Oil which has been loaded with negative expressions had a frequency decrease of 12 Hz. When there are positive thoughts were sent to an oil increased the frequency by 10 Hz. And prayer frequency was even up to 15 Hz. (Bruce Tainio).

“This is one of the reasons that we have our healing scent frequencies hand manufacture and processing. Each scent frequency has its own purpose and intention, which is to give manufacturing a stock bottle. “

How does the odor frequency about?

“Now we can recognize that the essential oil has a positive effect found on body and mind  , I have found that by mixing different single essential oils creates a new frequency. The intention of speaking and connecting with the source I come to new creations. “

“I smell a memory structure and therefore I do not even oil smell to know whether the frequency that I look too good and effective.
The intention that I have and can sense the theme I want to I’ll create special combinations if you look it like regular books do not make sense. But the combination of selected oils, the effect is indeed achieved.
I like the different oils have joined feel I get a tingle in my spine together. This is a sign to me that the new odor frequency is finished.
I leave my new creations out by a small group of test acquaintances and feel and ask their opinion. Without knowing what they are testing the experiences often reflect the intention that I wanted to achieve. The odor frequency is ready to put in the store and on the website. “

What does a healing scent frequency with you?

“I want to tell you this clear by an example;
Take ‘MOTHER EARTH’ the best selling fragrance frequency of the Green Linde “

“Many people have complaints to camps that have their origins in poor grounding. Think of poor sleep, poor concentration, your life give shape, you feel unsafe, you do not feel at home, headaches … so there are many complaints that you can link to poor grounding.
Now imagine that you have a body and a slightly more energetic body that you completely envelops. In healthy picture shows that the energetic body extends to the ground and connects with the earth.
If you recognize the symptoms above, you can see as you;
You stand on the floor with your physical body, but your energetic body is pulled up. You dangling as it were energetically above the ground.
Energy that is flowing from the outside and pressing enter. Any emotions are deposited in the energy and as the energetic body is filled without being able to rid pollution. By land can be anything you do not need a gentle way to flow to the earth.
Because you are not well grounded fills the aura and is getting dirtier .You can use the frequency of Mother Earth to get the earth energetic body again. So that the aura can cleanse naturally. You will sit firmly in your body and you feel safe and supported. Energy can again can flow around flows, and excess energy to the earth. Your headache will disappear and you get good sentence. By good to sleep your body better and deeper and you will wake up rested. “

Source: Marianne ‘De Groene Linde’ to Oudkarspel

“I am Grounding”; the best selling fragrance:     14. Mother Earth

Grounding with oil will restore the earth help the connection. Many people are lost contact with her and therefore not well founded. These are not true can manifest itself in different ways.

* You can unsafe feeling and restless.
* Do you suffer from anxiety?
Energy stagnated , not disposed of properly, leading to headaches , not concentrate /
learning  and forgetful .
* It is not possible to give them things that shape you desire.
* If you often suffer from money problems or other basic needs such as employment and
   housing .
* All kinds of physical symptoms related to the first chakra.
* Do you live too much in your head?
* Are you a dreamer or a thinker ? Do you feel at the end of the day exhausted and
   drained , Grounding will strengthen you in your energy

“I am grounding set sesame-earth” is a good choice to use in many situations. Also with restless sleep or light sleep can be helpful this oil. The soil properties is your energy well in your body.

“I am Grounding” brings relaxation and a peaceful feeling!

Grounding In addition, there are more frequencies healing odor. On an energetic level of Green Linde healing scent frequencies have much effect.

My experiences with the scent frequencies

I myself have some positive experiences with the use of the ‘Healing Frequencies smell.
– for my high sensitivity I have good experience with ‘ protection’ and ‘I am Grounding.  This meant that I did not get too much stimuli in, more to myself and kept both feet on the ground and less in my head.
– When my father died, I experienced a lot of support to the essence ‘Zadkiel. This composition helped me with the treatment process, the process of letting go of both my father and pain from the past that had to do with him. I could free myself and had peace with it.
– In Spain prevailed this winter a lot of pneumoniaby the enormous cold winter, the huge temperature differences and wind. I myself had here in December and January, many suffer from, huge coughing, stuffy, especially in the evening and at night and very tired. At one point I found in the mucus that I coughed up some blood. Terror everywhere.
Every day I was doing Reiki on myself, balancing the chakras plus my lungs and my throat and used the essence of the Heart and the Throat Chakra with. I also listened a lot to the music of Chakra Dance, this is also a frequency focused on my problem areas and did meditations. I quickly snapped up, felt fitter and coughed less. After a week I was able with confidence to the Netherlands to arrange some business.
I have more experience, but that’s too much to mention here.

* I know it’s very important to consult a physician for many health problems and diseases, and none shall I stop it. Alternative medicine goes steed cooperate more, hand in hand with regular care. The doctors now know that only pills and medications do not work, and that self-healing is a tremendous power to heal. I do not guarantee that I can heal people, but I can by combining coaching, healing and the use of the ‘Healing frequencies smell ” people help to activate the power of self-healing .

Learn about the different scents plus the use and treatments can be found on the page  “Aromatherapy”

Feel free to experience what fits with you right now!
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