“Dance In Balance ‘With Chakra Dance ™

Dance the chakra system in balance!

Chakra Dance ™ was developed by the Australian Natalie South Garth , she introduced in London in 1998. With Chakra Dance ™ Natalie combines her experience and training in dance, psychology and chakra healing in a new ensemble of ancient wisdom. Chakra Dance ™ was embraced in 2004 by Deepak Chopra , which Natalie invited sessions of fifty participants in a large ballroom during his weekly seminar “Seduction of Spirit” in California.
Meanwhile, thousands of others experience the Chakra Dance ™ any unravels blocked energy and balance brings and how it deeper with your authentic self is contacted. You cana sense of ease experienced in an uncomfortable world. Chakra Dance ™ is the rhythm of your soul and pure freedom!

Chakra Dance  is:

* An inner journey through the Living Resources / Chakras
* Lots of fun.
Find Meaning.
Let go.
Coming home to yourself

Each dance will bring us closer to the person we really are.

Come and look deeper into each chakra, every piece of you, and experience more of your unique dance! Welcome to “Dance in Balance” with Chakra Dance. 

dance in balance base chakra
Base chakra – dance instincts

The dance of the base chakra takes inspiration from tribal dance found in the indigenous cultures of Africa, Australia and North America . These
dances are linked to our roots, survival and grounding. In Chakra Dance we consider dancing around a very old campfire , and bring our own tribal dance to life. We can also draw inspiration from the natural movements found in the animal kingdom.  Shamans believe that people the power of instinctive animal energy can teach experienced and animal dances are deeply rooted in shamanistic rituals.   A tiger, a hose, a dragon can go with you – all animals whose energy corresponds to the base chakra energies.

Dance in balance sacral chakra
Sacral Chakra – the dance of sensitivity

The dance of the Sacral Chakra often involves the female dances found in the Middle East, South America and Hawaii . Dances from this region celebrate many of the qualities associated with the sacrum, including emotions and sexuality. This sacred dance can be slow and sensual and flirtatious and erotic, with flowing movements of the hips and abdomen. Through this dance, the dancer can transform into a gypsy, a dancer, an ancient goddess , if he or she surrenders to the devilish movements of the female. In this sensual dance is the connecting power of Eros 
called, penetrates her energy in our body.

Dance balanced solar plexus chakra
Solar Plexus – the dance of power

To the solar plexus chakra we call dance the dance Warrior Maori, ancient Morocco, Spain, Mexico, Brazil on. This dance of the warriors were male , powerful, sporty and masculine, rhythmic and imitated they did the art of battle.
In Chakra Dance ™ we dance fast dynamic movements, ignites the fire in our bellies and nourishes us dance with energy and vigor. There is reining place by this fiery energy, movements are strong, determined and clearly defined as our inner warrior, coming triumphantly forward, brave and strong.

dance in balance heart chakra
Heart chakra – Dance  of Love


To the Heart Chakra dancing is  moving with lightness, joy and compassion, as evidenced by ancient dances from Spain, Egypt and China. Use many of these dances exaggerated arm movements to gently into a deep state of intoxication and cheerful harmony move. Other dances of China symbolize balance, where the principal movements expressed the union of heaven and earth. We have drawn inspiration from these dances, and moving the arms lifted us to feel light and free. Inspired by the whirling of the old me, we dance an upward journey of love, compassion and joy .

Dance in balance throat chakra
Throat Chakra – the dance expression

The movements of the throat chakra are inspired by many ancient dances. So many cultures around the planet crosses the voice and dance to raise awareness of the mind . The Greek word Horus refers to both dance and song, and is the origin of the word choir. In ancient Egypt , artists often danced while he t reciting poetry while in Hawaii, singing – chanting – and dance are mixed to the story communicating.   In Tibetan culturetraverse Mystic rituals performed by Monks chanting, and sound (gyaling horns, cymbals and bells) with delicate movements of the body. In Chakra Dance we weave sound and movement in a mantra-dance “that our self-expression and creativity intensifies.

dance in chakra balancing derdeoogThird Eye Chakra – the dance of Intuition

The third eye chakra, we can elevate ourselves to ecstasy and altered states of consciousness through trance-dance . The practice of trance dance is extremely popular all over the world, and has its heritage in many of the ancient cultures of Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and America . The movements are often simple and repetitive. The heavenly eye dance is the dance of the intuitions . Each dancer is floating in his or her own visual universe of images, colors and insights, achieving a deep meditative state.

dance in balance kruinchakra
Crown chakra – the dance of the soul

The dance of the crown chakra is a devotional dance , one in a long line of dancing that the religious and spiritual omarme n . In ancient Shamanic practices of the Celts to the indigenous peoples of the Americas and Asia , the dance was used to communicate with the spirits.   In ancient Egypt were certain ritual dances crucial to the success of religious rites In Chakra Dance we open the gateway to the soul through this meditative Holy dance . This is a dancing prayer; turn our soul to dance.

Harmony and balance

Dancing through the chakra system awakens not only our bodies , but also achieved the mind , and calls to the soul . The chakra system offers us a model for the integration of body, mind and soul. This model encompasses the whole of human experience and offers the possibility of harmony and balance within our lives.
Carl Jung , the pioneer of analytical psychology, was among the first Westerners who could draw inspiration from this model in relation to his work and what he called the “individuation process” called , meaning the road to wholeness.

The chakra system is an energetic ladder which builds bridges of our physical world with our spiritual world. We can use the ladder as a way of reaching the higher states of consciousness , and as we climb back down, we are able to integrate new levels of awareness in our daily lives. Working with the chakras through dance connects us to the core of our physical beings . Once this connection is established, may be included other less tangible experiences of the mind and spirit, embodied and finally integrated.

I look forward to meeting you in one of my classes or retreats.
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Love & Light
Alexandra L xxx