Free your Blockages

Free your Blockages

Today is the last day of the path of the ‘Blue Eagle’ which is about vision, our memory, the brain and creating what we want, and also free your blockages, letting go of what no longer serves!

This day is Tone 13, with the Maya it is the day of ‘Being’, not having to do anything, no future and no past.

Preferably no work but turning inward, being at home with your beautiful self and relaxing a lot.

Every day I do something spiritual and then write in my diary. I also keep track of my personal and business goals and write what it has done for me, how proud, grateful and happy I am when a success has been achieved. No matter how small the success, I always pay attention to it.

Yesterday was the energy of letting go, I have also been working on that myself to free my blockages, by writing things on a paper, feeling it again for a while and then burning it. Then I give thanks for what it has brought to me and close it with forgiveness, so I can move on and be open to receive new. The cycle of death and rebirth, the beautiful Worldbridger.

The moment I wanted to write a blog about letting go and a beautiful experience of this energy day last year, See the video below…. the electricity went out, the batteries of the Solar System were empty. Because it was already around midnight I chose to go to sleep, I thought rest was more important. Away from the control, the must, because the blog would be about this energy. Coincidence does not exist, it was the energy of ‘Being’ at that moment, the energy starts at 00:00.

Today the energy of the new energy wave ‘the Star’ is already very tangible, literally taking your own place, doing what you wish so much, that is why letting go of blockages and old ballast is necessary.

Each energy flow has an influence on the next wave, they follow each other, which ensures growth!

Creation versus blockages

Creating is often held back because there are still blockages such as fear, resistance, convictions, too much thinking and uncertainty. The focus then goes to other things, and you get away from yourself because you are locking or stiffening yourself.

Often there are also voices and thoughts that raise doubts as to whether things will not be continued after all. The critic who judges the piece just written badly, or the fear that is afraid of reactions from other people, or the uncertainty whether this is appropriate, or oh dear this, or oh dear that. You probably have some additions.

Do you recognize it? The sabotage of the Ego that ensures that growth does not follow, that no success is achieved, that the world actually remains very small. The well-known “Comfort Zone”!  Time to free your blockages ! 

So get rid of that perfection and control, fear of failure and uncertainty, free your blockages because GOOD IS GOOD and go into “FOCUS” position

Over the past twelve days I noticed that many customers in my practice and also online had a lot of trouble letting go, old sore that came back up that needed attention. The heads turned overtime, there was no contact with the body and this made them tired and restless. This was another wave of energy that needed a lot of healing. I gave it hem with love.


I myself also had a resistance, I can free myself more by coming out more.
This has been on my mind for a while, and yet it never happened. Showing myself, let myself hear, sharing my wisdom, passing on experiences and being an example for others. Resistance by a Website that did not work properly and an error on a Facebook page for 1.5 years, which made me postpone it, this is also called procrastination.
It was also important for me to focus, literally rise above the situation like an Eagle and ask myself questions. What do I need, and especially who? My Website is now being worked on which I am very happy with.
In addition, I literally kicked myself in the ass and decided that I will post this blog on the last day of this energy flow. Good is Good!

By the way, did you know that the kick exercise works super well to let go of old sore!

Just kick your own buttocks for 3 to 5 minutes, alternately. So you can free your blockages too.

TIP do this for a week and feel what it does to you. I am very curious about your experience, will you let me know?

Get out of the comfort zone

free your blockagesIn the previous flow, this same day energy, 260 days ago I free my blockages the ‘fear of heights’.
I’ve been struggling with this for years. Actually, I was pushed by a friend where I stayed for a few days. She lives close to the sea and looks at a place where many people paraglide. It’s beautiful to watch the men and women jump off the rocks and then fly around above the sea, sometimes very close to the rocks.

Do you recognize that, just need that kick from someone else, that well-known kick in the ass to get out of your comfort zone?

This was the moment for me! Out of my comfort zone and fly free like an eagle!

The closer the moment came, I felt more and more fear coming.
After I put the seat belts on, helm on, listened to instructions, we started.
We had to run to jump off the rock. Now that I’m writing it I feel it coming up again and I see it before me, I wanted to stop for a moment, the nerves were screaming through my whole body.
I couldn’t go back and yes..we flew in the air from one moment to the next, pffffff stiff I hung in a kind of chair.
At one point I got a Stick in my hand, for the movie lol, I was still shaking a lot..…
Many thanks to my lovely friend and camera professional Janine Versteeg. She made a super funny and beautiful compilation, a fantastic memory! I will definitely do it again and then enjoy it more relaxed!  link for video

Focus and Create and Liberate

  • Is there a suffer from fears, insecurity, pain, old sore, anger or something else that keeps popping up?
  • Have you been dealing with emotions and feelings for too long?
  • Do you need help to literally FREE yourself?

Feel free to contact me.

This is possible with a healing, coaching, a reading so that I can calculate your life lessons.

Now it’s the energie of the Yellow Star 🌟  Time we all take our place! That we will all shine.
If you radiate yourself and do what you are good at, then you are an example for others.
In this way we can all bring beauty and harmony in the world.

Do you also want to liberate yourself and achieve a transformational breakthrough?

I will help you with all my love  💜
Contact us without obligation.

Love & Light
Alexandra Langeveld

And finally, a beautiful prayer.

Pray for the Eagle

I summon the spirit of soaring Eagle.
Bearer of Prayers,
Show me how to fly to great heights.
Patient Hunter,
Teach me to see opportunities when they come along
and strike at the right time.
Eye of the Sun, help me to both details
as to see vistas,
That which lies before us and that which surrounds us.
Warrior with Iron Claws,
Give me the ability to understand what I’m looking for
and to stand firm when I’m not flying.
Swallow of wisdom
Remind me to speak kindly,
to dive deep into myself and live
to what I encounter in the light.
Divine winged Spirit,
I ask you to bless my life with courage,
with grace, with creativity.

Eagle, I call to you!