How Is It With Your Health?

“Our health is the foundation for success and a happy life!”

Many people unfortunately not realize the dangers z ijn of poor health.
At present, far too many people with health problems such as allergies, burnout, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, stress, obesity , and
are often not aware that health content.
Awareness is the 1st step to combat these diseases prosperity.
The second step is to actually join something here.
Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle have a positive impact on our health and thus makes for a successful and happy life.

“Beauty comes from within” 

“Every pound goes through the mouth”

“What you sow you reap” 

“What does not arrive, do not even need to leave”

These are statements that have long existed and where some truth in it.
This also applies to health. “Mindset is everything”!
Thoughts are forces beliefs can be very harmful or even be positive.
How do you live is what you will eventually reap. Live your unhealthy and subconsciously you will it to harvest the doctors’ and hospital visits and possibly costly.
Diseases deliver a message, they ask you to get yourself in, a change in your lifestyle is necessary. If you listen to it and other plant seeds can you expect another crop, a healthy body.
A healthy mindset helps you to improve your welfare and your vitality increase as healthy aging, who would not want that!

Programs on health.

Coaching, Therapy, Healing, Massages, a cure Metabolism, all contribute to help you with your health Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels.

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Reading in the Dutch Club in Denia

Onze gezondheid is de basis voor een volledig leven, vol van succes en geluk !

During the presentation’m given information about health in general. In addition, there will be tips and tools provided to raise awareness to. More information Alexandra Langeveld – Coach / Therapist –

Tel: +34,657,939 635. Address: Carrer Assagador, de la Marjal 7 Denia. Admission is free.
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