Health is a choice! Your body is priceless!

Ben jij je bewust van je darmflora?

Health begins with your intestines!

De afgelopen week heb ik vele gesprekken gevoerd over gezondheid.
Om me heen hoor en zie ik veel mensen die te maken hebben met ziektes.

The past week I have had many conversations about health.
Around me I hear and see many people who have to deal with diseases.

Irritable intestine syndrome, allergies, obesity, diabetes and many types of cancer .
In addition, the mental illness, stress, burn-outs , from manic to depressive .

Since I have worked with many people who were sick, in psychiatry, youth, elderly, addictions and itself have overcome what diseases I’ve focused on health.

I myself have a past with a combination of anorexia / bulimia . This I like secretly carried with me along many years. I’m now not too deep into it, some things I do want to say about it. There were many reasons for my eating disorder that had to do with emotions and control. I was losing touch with myself, I was sensitive to the reactions of others, there was embarrassment, there was a lot of fear and ignorance. I was not aware of myself and my behavior. The voids filled with food, have control because I had to have a certain size and weight, this caused a lot of stress and destructive behavior. I was often sick because of a poor immune systemand my intestines were not working properly. I also often had problems with my stomach, stomach and intestines, especially after some food, I did not understand why.
After many years and a lot of help, I have to go find it, I now enjoy food and am very aware of my body, I care from the heart and soul very well for myself.

You are what you eat, you’ve heard that term?

Are you aware of your intestines flora?
Eat you aware?
Do you know how does your intestines?

Many people are not aware of what they eat, I myself was an expert.
I smoked, I drank wine, I drank a lot of coffee, ate a lot of carbohydrates, especially in winter when the winter blues, I ate a lot of sugar, which is an addiction that is often associated with low self-esteem, not love yourself, the heart chakra. I also drank too much so I suffered from blockages. As a child I had huge stomach pains, I often had to see a doctor but could not find anything. Later in life, I learned how my body works best and with which foods, sport, relaxation etc.

Today there are many people and a lot of children who suffer from allergies.
That in itself is not bad, it is normal that you can not eat anything.
We have different types of people, four different blood types, the trick is to get to know your “own use”. If you can not stand, then that is fine if you know. I’ve done over years, now I know my user and know exactly what I should and should not eat. This subject follows another blog.

How heavy can a intestines colon? 

How heavy is an average gut?

The intestines ensure the digestion of food, it is a very important organ!


My mission is to contribute to a healthy world!

Society has changed tremendously in recent years! It is also called “disposable society” a. Everything must also fast, so is food. The stores have since responded handy on microwave meals, quick bites, many products are so prepared that it is very quick, anything is done with it. In the supermarkets are more processed foods to buy fresh food. Many products contain a lot of salt and sugar plus the famous E-numbers.
Also eaten more out, it’s cozy, there is more and more getafeld consumed than necessary. Especially after the holidays and the holidays, there are complaints about the excess weight. The kilos must again as soon as possible from!

In my work as a coach / therapist and healer, I often deal with people with complaints, both mentally and physically. The subject of food I take here always in it It turns out, in many cases, diet is an important part of the problem. Health lies in many things, nutrition, exercise, self-esteem, fitness, optimism, are positive in life etc.  Those things all have to do each other. Many people are unaware of what food she does,
nutrition is an important basis . If you do not eat sick or worse.
Eat your wrong then you get sick, it can have serious consequences!
Many people are sick and are changing the dietary nevertheless difficult or even nonsense.
Many people take medication but do not change their “life style”.

Awareness is step one!

Know what you eat! This is very important today and the first step.
Keep once a week with what you eat and drink. Then you will all be aware of what you put in your mouth stops and whether it really is good for you or not.

Besides food, drinking is very important , we need water to purify, to grow, to heal. Tea, coffee, cola, beer, wine and other drinks no water and does not count the amount of water you need daily. 1-1.5 liters of water a day is not a luxury. A mnemonic is 30 ml of water per kg of weight . Two glasses of water half an hour before meals or two before bedtime ensures that can create liver bile, thus the liver has less work to clean the wrong nutrients.

The intestines is the “second brains” of our body.

With a length of 6-8 meters, it is the surface area of ​​about 200 square meters (equivalent to a football field) and a greater number of neurons than in the brains, the intestines is the largest digestive organ of our body which directly affects his feature on our health and plays a huge role in this.

In a healthy gut is usually weighs up to 2.5 kg. The union is about 3-4 cm intestine and the colon approximately 5 cm. It is alarming that some intestines can weigh about 15 to 20 kg ! In that case, there are deposits of waste with a maximum weight of 18 kg. There are autopsies where even traces of milk are detected.

How is this possible?
The intestines takes down everything we eat (additives, preservatives, dyes, etc.) ALL deposits of the intestines.

What does that mean?
A clogged colon can not fulfill its role. This includes:
* Protection against infections (80% of the immune system is located in the intestines!)
* Production of fatty acids
* Adjusting the mucous
* Activation of nutrients
* Emissions of harmful and toxic substances

Step 2. A spring cleaning

Deslagging, purify, and detoxification of the intestines.
Imagine is a dirty and complicated cooking for the intestines.
In order to fatten out and cleanse you need different cleaners:

1. ABRASIVE to liberate crusting.
This means cleanses the bowel, the tablets contain amino acids and various herbs that supports the cleansing of the body.
2. BEZEM wipe away the dissolved short formation – for the transport of waste products.
These soluble fibers, the binder, the waste ensure the healthy immune function of the body, and a healthy acid-base balance.
3. SPECIAL EXHAUST CLEANER something like an oven cleaner
This is a natural source of organic sulfur, which reacts with the toxins by binding with heavy metals. Thus, the emission of waste is accelerated. This substance is also working in the brains.

Step 3. Metabolism Program

We are now going a step further. A detox program and clean.
* Performance saved by reducing oxidative stress
* Positive boost the immune system by improving the intestinal flora
* Strengthen body, mind and soul
* Changes in the inner attitude

Additional benefits
* Loss of overweight
* Success by adjusting your “memory weight”

Many people by actively investing in health by the above programs undergone tremendous transformation.

Read more about the program

Because I want to help many people with their health, I have a good play now.

Want to join the bowel cleansing or metabolic program day will get me next to the guidance I of the program provides a free coaching session or healing gift!

I put myself in a healthy world, do you too?

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Love & Light
Alexandra Langeveld