Thoughts Have Power

Gedachten hebben krachten !

Give you often respond to your thoughts?

Jij bent niet je Gedachten !

Did you know that sometimes?

There is a thought that you pour attention, there’s another thought and before you know it plays a story of thoughts in your head. Meanwhile, your thoughts go there to get everything, and then there are also still certain emotions and behavior. Sometimes you can be here very tired! Thoughts therefore have powers!

Thoughts can be very subtle, they look so real!


Thoughts go very quickly, in a flash of everything happening in your body and your mind.
You see something, you hear something, you smell something and it brings you to a memory or feeling.
From this trigger can shoot in your head, there’s a thought.

I do that sometimes. I’m working on something and suddenly there’s a thought.
Then an idea where I can be totally enthusiastic. Sometimes I go there to take direct action, whether I write it down or go a little further to embroider. There are more thoughts on and also which subgedachten not really fault but want attention.
Suddenly there is the devil’s advocate with a critical note, these are negative thoughts that want to do it myself, who find the idea anything or it tells me that it nevertheless can not come. They look like voices that talk to me.
The first idea I had that I was so excited about what will fade, there will be more thoughts on and go play feelings.
“Can I do this …
Is this indeed … ..?
Is it a good idea?
Is it too early?
Is it feasible? ”

Gedachten zijn Krachten

Before you know it your attention goes in all directions and is overtaken everything that is no longer relevant. Sub, sub, sub more …
Sometimes it’s good because the idea or topic from all sides can be.
It may be that there is TOO much to so you can not see the forest for the trees.
It may also be that good ideas will not be implemented.
Sometimes it can also assume a different side and think very much in the negative, also about other people or situations that are not reality. This often comes from a memory that is left from the past, this may be an old pain.

Next thing you know you are lost in thought, and the doom-thinking

Sometimes it’s nice to think much.

For example highlights a problem from all sides.
You can go to inner dialogues.

But …
It can also go the other way.

Recognize the next;

  •  I want to do this …. but yes, I can do this …. there are negative thoughts.
  • You want to buy something … “it is necessary”, “can wait”, if you’re so excited that you purchase it immediately without thinking …
  • You want to call someone … this may at this time, it is not too fast ..
  • Something or someone shouts something at you and you think back to that time in the past. It can even be so bad that the weather’s feelings and thoughts when calling. Before you know it you certain thoughts that are not to do with this situation.

    Thoughts have incredible powers! 

    It is as powerful as that used your words.
    In a subsequent blog about communication, I will elaborate on here

Tips to get your mind thinking and doom-stop!

If you find yourself thinking in circles and that your thoughts go in all directions you can do different things.

  1. You are not your thoughts, but the other not!
    Note that you have negative thoughts that affect your mood, stop right here with you because this is not who you are! Just say positive things! Keep repeating this ever disappear into the mind. Say or do anything that can harm another.
  2. Find distractions
    Go do something so you literally go out of your head. A game, cook dinner, take a walk, something you enjoy them and you do not to have to think.
  3. Go hiking / grounds
    Walking helps you to stop your thinking. 20-minute walk is all empty your head. If you barefoot does make better contact with Mother Earth so you’re better founded. Land is in fact very important because you literally go out of your head. Have you ever grabbed a tree? Feel the energy of.
  4. Connect with your body / do a meditation
    if there are too many thoughts, “if you literally too much in your head” than the rest of your body does not count. The energy does not flow properly, you often get cold and there is no contact with the rest of your body. Meditation helps to create calm, relaxing feel and the contact to your body. Precisely by distancing come insights and creative solutions. I always say, “As above, so below” and everything in between, all the chakras need to be balanced so that you can function well.
    Click here for a free meditation!
  5. Check whether the thoughts are just
    sometimes it’s nice to have someone to talk to or spruce. Everyone has a story, an experience which is good. Sometimes confused with the past, the present and the future, in such cases it is important to separate it because every situation is different.
  6. Enlist the help of a coach
    sometimes his thoughts so strong that they have a lot of influence on the feelings and behaviors that resulting therefrom. This can cause confrontations occur within relationships. Because the bow is too tense can lead to stress the consequences. Do you find that you do not come out seek help.

If you suffer from (doom) think you can apply the above.

I wish you good luck with this.
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Love & Light
Alexandra Langeveld