Blockages To Balance

From Blockade to Balance

The title of my new additional direction in my practice is called ” Dance in your Balance ‘with Chakra Dance ™ . Through personal experience and obstacles in life and the training that I have enjoyed and rounding may I proudly say that the removal of blockages in myself has become a specialty and others which are obtained immediately noticeable positive results.

More awareness

More and more people are aware that there are blockages , and it would also increasingly “something” to do with it.
However, I notice a lot to me that the concept of blockade is not yet fully understood and therefore do people often search, be it in alternate courses , the purchase of books , there is your heart’s salvation sought in various alternative therapies is there much about thinking. But what is exactly meant by a blockade, how they arise and what you can do about it?

blockade is too much or too little energy at a certain place in the aura, the chakras of your body. This place is physically painful or a s exciting fancy ran illness and even if the blockade is lifted have serious long-term consequences. Just because we live in a “timely” world life, and our agendas are full of things that “must” be vague complaints are often ignored, and we are detached from our emotions and higher self allowing disease take a power over us t . Often, only when it is too late, We draw attention to our being and begin the search for healing of the disease.

You yourself can also feel the blockages ,

many old proverbs indicate such, a stone in my stomach, lump in my throat, my gall to spit, stand firm hold, much burden on the shoulders, something the liver, all indicators of blockages.
It may also be that you are not comfortable in your own skin by certain blockages. Blockages and me poly energetic coach / therapist feel as cold or hot, a swirl of wind, a tingling in the hands, or even give a stinging sensation in the hands. A blockage can occur in different ways and in the text below I give some more explanation, maybe you’ve never heard of.

How you look at it, primarily arise blockades held emotions and unresolved issues in life. We love our big , and use this “fixed”. What is not in motion, also does not flow. The coach / therapist respectfully attention to the blockade in order to let the energy flow again and thus the self-healing ability of the body to stimulate again.

Cell memories of unresolved emotions and trauma

A blockage may occur via celherinnering. When you lots of fun and less pleasant experiences you had in your life then you take this information not only as a reminder note in your head. Your body has a memory and stores everything in every cell. This is so celherinnering or cellular memory called. Example: you have already analyzed your problem, you know exactly what ‘m’s the rub, and you still feel that you are not really moving forward. Then it’s a good time to celherinnering cleanSo you, as it were can start with a clean slate. You experience things suddenly be a lot simpler and with less pain and emotions can be experienced in the past because you wear the old baggage, which has always stirred, not with you.

Celherinnering reveals itself not only as a sense of unease but also in the form of pain and disease. The place where you regularly pain, for example in a body such as the stomach or the liver or other area of your body, you can give information about unresolved emotions and trauma in your life.

In my practice

In my practice, there are several techniques that I use to guide you in the process of healing these energetic fields , it may even go so far that through various techniques like hypnotherapy, EMDR and regression examine what you wear it out your past lives and what you’re here now must work out in this life.

Matrix coaching, NLP, EMDR, Hypno, Regression, Fragrance Frequencies, Reiki, Magnetism, Healing , Foot Treatment / massages on chakras focused and CHAKRA DANCE ™ are all tools for you to these blockades to be lifted.

What can you expect, for example Chakra Dance ™?

In this free form of dancing with guided meditation , and music that has been specifically composed on the vibration level of each chakra (energetic node) by means of resonance and to feel free to move cleared the way in order to make this energy flow again , thereby get you better understand your performance may vague solve problems and can give you more room to breathe, live dance and feel.

You come to speak back to yourself , are you higher, and you will be back in a fun relaxed in the here and now and your perfect state of being , it is as if you arrive at the base camp, backpack prejudice, pull out your armor, your voice will sound and your insights clearly, and then you can freely enjoy your life as it is meant.







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Love & Light

Alexandra Langeveld
Balance Coach, Healer and
Facilitator Chakra Dance