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New Book By The Meet-Up Group

New events of the different Chakra Dance workouts and other workshops and meetings are now distributed via the Meetup Group. Join Meetup so you will be kept informed of the work-outs and different locations. (Also see the lower right corner of the page) Of course it is also possible to organize the dance at home. The operator then makes free…

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The Sacrum Chakra And The Menopause (Change)

The Sacral Chakra, the second of the Chakra System This chakra is located about two inches below the navel. It is associated with creativity, emotions, movement and productivity, freedom, femininity and sexuality. Indeed, women make a new life on the energy of this chakra. When a woman’s menopause experience is the possibility finished to make a baby, but it opens up a…

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The Strength To Go Through

At last the time has come !!  Vivo y trabajo en España Over three weeks in Spain. Courage, strength, positive thinking and confidence , this package is much more established. A plan early May, everything went quickly, to join Centro Alba and set up my practice in Spain, it went differently than planned. Much has happened in recent months. I’ve worked hard around the…

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Oops, Suddenly Thought ‘What Am I Doing’ ….

The realization that I have no home soon !!! All my stuff sold .. I make others happy with it, meanwhile I am very tired, the man with the hammer coming over! I prefer the whole day in bed stay, can not, soon they come to my bank, this afternoon the shelves are picked up, must be behind a caravan, so action,…

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Relieve … For many people, abnormal – Chinese do two times a year a cleaning ritual UnburdenTT , what is it difficult not only for me, for many people is something they are not aware of, I think. After reading a lot in the book about the TAO saw I a test stand. By eating a whole chicken or a large piece of meat you find out whether you are a vegetarian you that feel…

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Blockages To Balance

From Blockade to Balance The title of my new additional direction in my practice is called ” Dance in your Balance ‘with Chakra Dance ™ . Through personal experience and obstacles in life and the training that I have enjoyed and rounding may I proudly say that the removal of blockages in myself has become a specialty and others which are obtained immediately noticeable…

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