Relieve … For many people, abnormal – Chinese do two times a year a cleaning ritual

UnburdenTT , what is it difficult not only for me, for many people is something they are not aware of, I think. After reading a lot in the book about the TAO saw I a test stand. By eating a whole chicken or a large piece of meat you find out whether you are a vegetarian you that feel right! Well deep in my heart I know I’m a vegetarian, as a child I decided to stop eating meat after seeing a movie at school about factory farming. After some time I had to eat meat because I was certain substances deficit.

After a simple test I’m really that I am 100% vegetarian.

After eating a huge chicken I was like a dead bird “in the bank. Oh what it took (too) was digested long before the chicken again and I felt bad. Besides the pain in my stomach , I felt sluggish ,   tired, had negative feelings , was angry at myself why I had done this and had guilt to the chicken. I told myself, the test was for a good cause and was certainly passed me alongside the meat I eat for years no longer, now no more chicken!
Immediately after the test I started an internal cleaning, detox.

A juice cure plus colonics .

7 to 10 days only the juice of carrots, cucumber and beetroot and some green vegetables, Yin energy , additionally 3 liters of water and some tea in between for some warmth, the Yang energy . Because I s wrong diet took me to this sit in my gut, detox causes the intestines are clean. There is in every human being on average 2 to 4 kg of undigested food in the intestines ! and up to 15-20 kg caked mess that is scared!

The first day went well, the 2nd and 3rd day was hard , I felt enormous headache, was limp and lifeless and also came the necessary emotions up . There were many flashbacks of my childhood, the ever survive what began at an early age, it must meet the requirements initially my stepfather and then society, huge critic in me that makes it always difficult to me, the fighting for myself , to protectmy property because my sister always swept to victory for me in my early years, she was always ringleader and so a number of things. The following days went the happy little easier, I again had some energy, despite the 30 degrees.

Another part of dis-charges went over my property.

Luckily I got some reinforcements to help the excess stuff in my house to come off, pff what I have gathered much in recent years, far too many clothes, stuff I got, the many nice furniture I on the head had tapped my collection of perfume bottles which I save from my 16th year, now z o’n 500 pieces. This stuff I can furnish two houses, it is really full. I became aware after which all my trips to Spain, I experienced what I actually need to live and that’s not much!

We live in a throwaway society, the fashion magazines make almost every year should be purchased a new interior, every quarter a new wardrobe and so on. I’m doing it for years not participate, I often buy used, clever stuff on, give it a lick of paint and buy clothes that I feel comfortable in and not because it is fashionable.

Many people want a bigger house,

More rooms, a garage, a storage room, a utility room , well .. often more reason to gather more. The experience I have, since my son out of the house was gone, I have the whole house at my disposal, everywhere is something! In recent years I kept in the winter – spring a massive cleanup but by the winter there were surely more stuff in the house. If I look around me I also think to move, more space around me, but I see it differently, and my stuff off going to do that are unnecessary, I can itself create more space! That’s what I’m gonna do everything unnecessary disposal, goal is to work in Spain, back to basic in nature , organizing retreats and then onlyBring what is really necessary. Myself free from all matter and I join a group of people with the same vision and jointly build.

The colonics were for me a new experience,

wow what a mess I’ve released . I feel purified , good clean inside and literally lit or four kilos . Twice a day, my gut coils, Get used to it in the beginning and it was somewhat clumsy, but soon became a ritual that goes with it like the application for years, delicious. The combination with the breathing and life-extension exercises give power and coming home to myself. Detox and TAO came at the right moment, the stage where I’m in, loosening of material, work hard, have to perform, status, felt like many demands of society. My goal is soon to join the Holistic Center in Spain, the Taoist philosophy, a master where I can do with the doctrine go and also my own things like organizing retreats, Chakra Dance, coaching etc. also falls nicely with the process of the 7th chakra, detaching, unity, wholeness, light, connection, the Universe.
I left it all over me, I was totally open, it was a wonderful experience!

TAO stands for health

TAO is a Chinese philosophy , a lifestyle aimed at a long and healthy life, average life Taoists 20 to 30 years longer and are very healthy.
When Tao hear a diet , proper nutrition has medicinal properties and wrong food sickens . In addition, breathing is very important , do daily exercises and meditation . Includes love and sex in the Tao, this is a very important part to be underestimated by many people or not found important!
I am happy and grateful that Joaquim has come my way, a master who helps me with the TAO, Tai Ji and some other things, glad I could join him at the Holistic Center.

Need more information about healthy eating, cleaning methods, sapkuren, the Tao, or coaching retreats in Spain, please contact on!
I also have a lot of experience around weight.

Love & Light

Alexandra Langeveld
Balance Coach, Healer and
Facilitator of Chakra Dance